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You Took an Anger Management Class – What Now?

You Took an Anger Management Class - What Now?

You Took an Anger Management Class – What Now?

Your Story

We all have a story. Some of us have stories in which anger is a prevalent theme in our lives. In our anger management group, you told your story, received great feedback from the group, learned new skills and are now ready to use those skills in the real world. But what if you fail? I do not think you will. However, this is a real question asked by many group members. You have graduated from the 8-week intensive group. Now what?

You did not acquire your anger problem overnight. Don’t expect to have it all figured out after 8 weeks. You may experience new triggers that you were not ready for. Or maybe the skills you thought you mastered actually require more practice. And who better to practice with than your former group mates! The journey to controlling your “angries” does not have to be a solo journey. We are here to help.

The Graduates

Once you have graduated from our 8-week Anger Management group, you are eligible to participate in our weekly group chat meetings in a HIPPA compliant, relaxed environment. Knowing your anger triggers and anger set point is also necessary in order to be invited into the group chat.

The Benefits
The benefits of our online, asynchronous anger maintenance program are plentiful.

  • Get practice reframing your cognitive distortions
  • Have personalized feedback and handling of difficult conversations
  • Access the group online chat from wherever you are, whenever you need it!

Will you join me?
We hope you will consider furthering your progress with slaying the anger monster by joining our 12-week Anger Maintenance program, which is in a convenient online forum. The program starts on October 25th  – contact us today to join!

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