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Substance Abuse Counseling

I help people with addictions.

Life Cycles Counseling Substance Abuse Services

Substance Abuse doesn’t just affect an individual. It ruins families, jobs, relationships and future opportunities. If alcohol or substance abuse has negatively impacted your family, our counseling center uses a neuropsychology approach to addiction along with family counseling to help the abuser and their family members find understanding and the courage to set boundaries so that everyone can start the healing process.

Through our substance abuse counseling, people with addictions can:

  • learn behavioral, mental, and emotional triggers of your drug
  • have knowledge of sobriety safeguards
  • address family/personal issues that are affected by your addiction
  • learn how to increase your support system
  • find sobriety and healing

Don’t let your life, your future or even your own family be taken away from you because of your addiction. You can conquer addiction. We can help.

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Are you the friend or family member of someone struggling with substance abuse? You need support too! Join our weekly substance abuse support group, every Monday at 6pm starting January 9, 2017.
substance abuse support group with life cycles counseling