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You’ve thought about finding a counselor in Richmond, but where do you start, especially when it doesn’t appear there are any problems. Whether you try to control how you eat, how you look, or how much you drink, you cannot seem to get a handle on it. You present as all put together but you resent the great effort it takes to get you there. If people only knew!

You are often irritable and quick to anger knowing the person you are most upset with is yourself for hurting the people you love but you just can’t seem to stop the cycle of self-medicating and numbing out.

Whether you self-medicate to numb the stress of daily life or the hurts you experienced in your past, I can help.

I’m Dr. Adina Silvestri and I work with high-achieving smart women who have learned to be successful in their careers through ways that have hurt them such as Eating Disorders, Substance Abuse, Anger, and Anxiety.

My clients learn a new way of living that doesn’t involve counting calories or needing a drink to numb out at the end of a full day. They discover that they can be happy without control and worry about everyone and everything around them. And they start to live a life with purpose, joy and authenticity.


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