Life Cycles Counseling with Dr. Adina Silvestri


Meet The Team

Adina-B&W-RAdina Silvestri, EdD LPC

Hi, I’m Dr. Adina Silvestri, the founder at Life Cycles Counseling. I offer a variety of counseling services to help you achieve balance and authenticity. My services include Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, Couples Counseling, and Group Counseling. My practice style is spontaneous, creative and designed to fit your needs – which may be different each session. I have 14 years of experience helping individuals, children and families with a variety of needs, but I specialize in treating women with substance abuse issues, as well as people with anger management issues and helping children who have experienced trauma lead full and healthy lives.

When you come in for your initial visit, you will immediately sense a warm, compassionate and caring environment. After we meet and you decide to tell your story, then I am ready to join you as a partner on your journey.

My office setting is handicapped accessible and is centrally located in the Jefferson office building down the road from Henrico Doctors hospital in Richmond, Virginia. There are no wait lists-you will be seen within one week. I also offer late evening appointments for the convenience of my clients. I look forward to helping you become a more authentic you!

Trish SmithTrish Smith, M.S., Resident in Counseling

Trish Smith earned a Master’s of Science in Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling from the School of Allied Health Professions at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has experience working with trauma, particularly that of domestic and sexual violence, traumatic brain injury, psychological adjustment, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. Currently, in addition to her work at Life Cycles Counseling, she works full-time at Safe Harbor leading advocacy groups and providing counseling support and crisis intervention to survivors of human trafficking. Having worked in a variety of settings that support people in crisis, offer counseling support to survivors of trauma, and help individuals with brain injury live an optimal life, she embraces the experience of meeting individuals where they are and moving side-by-side with them toward a process of self-awareness, adjustment, and personal growth.

Coming from a multicultural background, she embraces the unique thread that makes up each individual person, and, while knowing that many situations in life can make it hard for people to be themselves, Trish encourages people to come as they are. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her partner and their small dog, constructing creative writing pieces, and playing basketball.

Mayah TaylorMayah Taylor, M.A., Resident in Counseling

Hi, I’m Mayah and I have always had a genuine interest and passion to help others since childhood. When I was a child I used to spend time watching my grandmother work as a nurse, and admired her ability to help and heal others. Through the field of counseling, I have found a way to use my skills to provide help and healing to those in need. I believe that anyone seeking help can find peace, wellness, and strength in a warm, supportive therapeutic environment.
I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I serve clients experiencing a variety of mental health issues and problems in living to include anxiety, depression, grief, loss, and trauma, marital and family issues, domestic violence, and career counseling. My style in working with clients is to treat each client individually; and tailor counseling techniques to their individual needs and personal circumstances. When I’m not counseling families and helping individuals, I am traveling to different places around the world, bowling, cooking, watching movies with friends, visiting different restaurants to enjoy good food, and spending time with my family.