Counseling Services Overview

 I offer a wide variety of counseling services for individuals, couples, families and groups. My practice style is spontaneous, creative and designed to fit your needs – which may be different each session. Whether you are looking for a life coach to help you navigate a particularly difficult time, or have addictions you are ready to overcome – I’m here to help.

Life Cycles Counseling Services

Select a counseling service below to learn more:

Individual Counseling Services
One-on-one therapy using a variety of modalities

Hypnotherapy Counseling Services

Rapid relief for all mental and physical disorders

Family Counseling Services
Help your family communicate and become closer

Pre-Marital Counseling Services
Invest in your marriage with preventative counseling

Imposter Syndrome Counseling Services

Learn to give yourself credit and appreciate your hard work

Group Counseling Services
Learn alongside people who understand what you’re going through

Eating Disorder Counseling Services
Eating Disorders are an addiction that can be overcome

Substance Abuse Counseling Services
Addiction is a disease that must be treated, but you can find recovery

Anxiety Management Counseling Services
Learn ways to cope with anxiety while identifying the source of the issue

Anger Management Counseling Services
Don’t let your angries get the best of you – learn coping techniques through individual or group sessions

Play Therapy Counseling Services
Play therapy can help children access emotions they may not otherwise be able to express

Art Intervention Counseling Services
Art is a great way to express yourself and access feelings you may not be able to emote

Life Coaching Services
I can be your partner as you work your way towards the life you’ve always wanted

Online Counseling Services
Convenient online counseling that works around your schedule and lifestyle

Additional Services:

  • Clinical Supervision for Counselors-in-Training
    If you are a therapist or a counselor- in- training (working towards licensure hours), and are interested in becoming more creative and would like to build your counseling skills, I can help!


  • Consultation
    If you are a physician, Counselor, clergy member, educator, coach or any other professional working with an individual facing challenges, I can help!


  • Events/Presentations
    If you are seeking a speaker with expertise in substance abuse, childhood trauma, women’s Issues, relationships, creativity, or other issues related to mental health, I can help!


  • Retreats/Workshops and Facilitation
    If your business needs a boost in motivation and team building or if you are in need of support surrounding trauma that has impacted your team, I can help!


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