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Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy uses interactions or activities with animals to support a client’s therapeutic treatment goals.

animal assisted therapy at life cycles counseling with Bunny Young

At Life Cycles Counseling, we have a registered therapy dog, Goose, in the office who supports clients through grooming exercises, emotional support, petting, and comfort while they discuss sometimes difficult experiences. Goose is sensitive to others’ feelings and can detect when a client’s energy shifts to either very sad, angry, or excited. She can then alert the counselor, group, or individual that she noticed that shift so that it can be processed. Goose is a calming and consistent presence in our office and she enables us to provide meaningful conversations about her engagement with clients as well as topics such as self care, emotional balance, difficult behaviors, parenting and so much more. We are proud to have her on the team.

If you’re interested in incorporating animal assisted therapy into your sessions, please contact us today!

5 Reasons to Try Animal Assisted Therapy

  1. Goose loves to make new friends!
  2. A dog is a powerful and calming presence if you are struggling with describing difficult emotions
  3. Dogs are sensitive to your feelings – even more so than humans sometimes
  4. She is really good at confidentiality – your secrets are safe with her!
  5. Sharing your feelings with an animal can be less intimidating than sitting in a room with a counselor. This can be especially true with children.

Find out more about how Animal Assisted Therapy can help with patients suffering from trauma:

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