Eating Disorder Treatment

Why Can't the Way I Eat Align with the Way I Think and Live?

You workout daily. You care about nutrition. You do the research to know how to best care for your body. But you can’t figure out why you keep repeating these patterns and habits that you’d be mortified if anyone ever knew about.

Whether you find yourself yo-yo dieting, having to workout hours a day to try to work off your food habit, binging on foods that make you feel terrible the next day, or having to use pills or purging to try to limit the impact of your food habits, I can help.

My name is Adina and I work with high-achieving smart women who want to make peace with food, their body, and get the way they treat their bodies aligned with what they truly want from life.

You will find a no-judgment, kind, no-nonsense zone where we can be real with one another. Let’s have real conversations that can lead to real change. Give me a call at 804-536-9143 for your free 15-minute phone consultation for Eating Disorder counseling in Richmond, VA. I work with people who are nutrition conscious and I help individuals eliminate shame to find hope and healing. I specialize in eating disorder treatment, which includes binging, purging, and restricting food.

If you think you may have Binge Eating Disorder (BED), take this quiz, below. If you identify with any of these signs, contact us today to get started on recovering your power over food and your life.

Why Can't the Way I Eat Align with the Way I Think and Live?

  1. Eating much more rapidly than usual.
  2. Eating until feeling uncomfortably full and feeling guilty afterwards.
  3. Eating large amounts of food when not feeling physically hungry.
  4. Eating alone because of feeling embarrassed by how much one is eating
  5. Feeling disgusted or ashamed with oneself, depressed, or very guilty afterwards.
  6. Progressive weight gain with periods of weight loss.
  7. Avoidance of feelings.
  8. Food feels more important to me than to my friends.
  9. Shame based identity and insecurity.
  10. Difficulty with relationships, ie – “If anyone knew about this, they would hate me, reject me.”