Group Therapy & Classes

Group counseling and classes are an excellent approach to therapy for many people.

Within a group of peers with shared goals you can learn from each other, support each other and grow together in a safe environment. Group counseling is available for many different kinds of therapy including anger management counseling overt/covert depression counseling, trauma counseling and Men’s therapy.

Upcoming Group Classes

Image of books on a wooden shelf where you too can imagine being the author of your own story simply by writing it.

Writing Bravely

A Course for Using Writing as A Coping Mechanism

These classes are designed to meet you where you are. No prior writing skills necessary. I will provide prompts to help you mine your memories, traumas and dreams through expressive writing.

This writing bravely program will help you identify:

Here’s the Writing Bravely details below:

Where: Zoom meeting-online

When: Tuesday evenings 7pm eastern | 4pm pacific starting in November!

What: 90 minute group meetings with me.

Cost: $55 per week for 6 weeks.

If you are ready to sign up, please schedule a call with me here. I want to make sure you are a good match for the group.

If you’re unsure but want to sign up for the writing bravely newsletter to get updates on new class schedules and community events, sign up here!