Hypnotherapy in Richmond, VA

Looking for Rapid Relief in Richmond?

I work with individuals who are frustrated because typical counseling is not working.

By the time someone calls me, they have tried everything from doctors to psychiatrists, talk-therapy to self-help books.

Clients have told me they are ready for real change and to start living the life they were meant to live free from behaviors that only keep them stuck in a cycle of self-doubt, fear, and loneliness.

Hypnotherapy is considered rapid relief for a reason. There is no magic cure. This is a change process but typically, my clients see positive change after 1 session and long term concerns in 6-10 sessions.

What is Hypnosis! A Treatment with A Bad Rap

What Does A Typical Hypnotherapy Session Look Like?

The “Why” is not necessary for real change to occur. Individuals come and see me to stop a 2- plus year smoking habit, resolve past trauma, or make a significant behavioral change-just to name a few. After an initial hypnotherapy session, individuals experience a “lightness” surrounding their initial concern.

For our initial session, plan on it taking about 90 minutes, although it usually lasts about 60-70 minutes. Follow-up sessions can be completed in 50-60 minutes.

Depending upon the concern and changes desired, I offer 3 or 5 session packages. Ask me about our hypnotherapy packages!

How will Hypnosis help you in 2023? Let’s chat-call 804-536-9143 for your free 15 minute phone consultation.

Other Mental Health Services at Life Cycles Counseling

Hypnotherapy isn’t the only service we provide in our Richmond, VA counseling practice and online worldwide.

We know life can be hard sometimes and you may be struggling with more than one issue. At Life Cycles Counseling, we have a variety of specialties to meet your needs.  We can meet you in our office in Richmond or online anywhere in Virginia. And with our Brainspotting, we can meet you online anywhere in the United States.  Some of our specialities include substance abuse counseling, eating disorders counseling, anxiety treatment, obsessive compulsive disorders, anger management, brainspotting therapy, and therapy for men.