Imposter Syndrome

Why We Don't Give Ourselves Credit for Our Accomplishments?

If you are like me, you are high-achieving, ambitious woman. Most people think women who are successful have it ALL together. What people don’t see is that we still struggle with the inner critic that lives inside our heads, who constantly tells us we are not enough, even when we seem to have it all. Don’t you long to feel at ease in work and in life?

If you have Imposter Syndrome, you probably believe you rose to your current academic or work position due to a series of good external factors, luck, connections, fooling others; and not as a result of your skills and talents. You think to yourself, “If people only knew…!”

You may believe you  are successful because you constantly work to outperform others (and have done so your entire life). But this can backfire when you don’t get that promotion or that perfect A. Then you say to yourself, “maybe I’m not as smart as everyone thinks I am.” Or, “I’m really a phony.” Does this sound like you?

My name is Adina and I work with high-achieving smart women who want to make peace with their inner critic and confidently share the gifts they possess without feelings of shame, guilt or criticism (think Power Pose!).

You will find a no-judgment, kind, no-nonsense zone where we can be real with one another. Let’s have real conversations that can lead to real change. Give me a call at 804-536-9143 for your free 15-minute phone consultation for counseling in Richmond, VA. I help women conquer Imposter Syndrome, eliminate chronic self-criticism as truth, and feel confident in brining their gifts to the world.

Are you ready to ditch the self-doubt and align your deepest self with how you are showing up in the world?