Life Cycles Counseling with Dr. Adina Silvestri

Pre-marital Counseling

 Invest in your upcoming marriage or your current relationship.

Life Cycles Counseling Premarital Counseling Services

Premarital education is a preventative counseling method that is designed to teach couples how to communicate and resolve problems in a healthy way.

According to, the average wedding costs $30,000. What could be more important than finding the perfect dress or customizing a unique experience for your guests? How about investing in a marriage that will last a lifetime? Women spend nearly 10 hours a week planning their weddings, but how much time to engaged couples spend planning their marriage? Having a successful relationship does not necessarily come naturally to everyone and for those whose parents are divorced, you may have never seen a successful relationship.  How are you supposed to learn?

Through premarital counseling, you will learn how to communicate better, resolve problems together and communicate in a healthy way.

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