Pre-marital Counseling

Invest in your upcoming marriage or your current relationship.

Premarital education is a preventative counseling method that is designed to teach couples how to communicate and resolve problems in a healthy way.

According to, the average wedding costs $30,000. What could be more important than finding the perfect dress or customizing a unique experience for your guests? How about investing in a marriage that will last a lifetime? Women spend nearly 10 hours a week planning their wedding, but how much time to engaged couples spend planning their marriage? Having a successful relationship does not necessarily come naturally to everyone and for those whose parents are divorced, you may have never seen a successful relationship. How are you supposed to learn?

Through premarital counseling, you will learn how to communicate better, resolve problems together and communicate in a healthy way.

Sometimes couples need a safe, objective environment in which to talk through issues they may be having.

Other times, couples seek counseling as a preventative measure to keep their relationship functioning well. With couples counseling, you and your partner will attend a series of private sessions where you’ll learn new and healthier ways to resolve conflicts. Through this process you’ll find compassion and empathy for each other while determining what you each need from your relationship in order to make and keep it healthy.

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