Substance Abuse Counseling in Richmond, VA

Why Can't I Experience Pleasure in Other Ways Besides Drinking?

You are a high achieving professional woman but what people don’t know is what it takes for you to make it through the day. Hungover in the morning, pounding coffee and Advil to make it through your high pressured day, only to go home to take care of the kids, see your partner and go to bed after you have drunk enough to feel relaxed and like you don’t care anymore. You are trapped in a cycle of surviving and numbing out. And because so many look up to you, because you have so much responsibility, you feel like a fraud every time you go to pour yourself another. But you don’t know what else to do. You fear if it were to continue you would put your career and your relationships in jeopardy. You keep trying to say “This is the last time” when you wake up with the pounding headache and dry mouth, but it never is.

You are smart, motivated, and conscientious, but you cannot seem to get a handle on your drinking.

Whether you self-medicate to numb the stress of daily life or the hurts you experienced in your past, I can help.

My name is Adina and I help high-achieving, smart women who want to make peace with their addiction and find pleasure in other ways throughout their lives.

You will find a kind, no-nonsense, no-judgment zone where we can be real with one another. Let’s have real conversations that lead to real change. Give me a call at 804-536-9143 for your free 15-minute phone consultation for counseling in Richmond, VA. I work with women who have high self-efficacy and I help people eliminate shame to find hope and recovery. I specialize in substance abuse treatment, which includes a relapse prevention plan and family treatment plan.

Through our substance abuse counseling, you can:

  • Learn behavioral, mental, and emotional triggers of your drug
  • Learn to apply sobriety safeguards
  • Address family/personal issues that are affecting and are affected by your addiction
  • Get the skills to increase your support system
  • Eliminate shame to find recovery and healing

Don’t let your life, your future or even your own family be taken away from you because of your addiction. You can conquer addiction. We can help.

Other Mental Health Services at Life Cycles Counseling

Substance abuse counseling isn’t the only service we provide in our Richmond, VA counseling practice.

We know life can be hard sometimes and you may be struggling with more than one issue. At Life Cycles Counseling, we have a variety of specialties to meet your needs.  We can meet you in our office in Richmond or online anywhere in Virginia. And with our Hypnotherapy specialty, we can meet you online anywhere in the United States.  Some of our specialties include: eating disorder treatment, anxiety treatment, obsessive compulsive disorders, anger management, brainspotting therapy, and therapy for men.