Episode 18: Music in Recovery: Feel the Power

atheists in recovery podcast Music in Recovery: Feel the Power

Episode 18: Music in Recovery: Feel the Power

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  • How Bill won what is considered an Oscar for his volunteer work with teaching homeless individuals how to play the guitar
  • What does this tension between his childhood religion and “hands on experience based understanding” of the universe mean?
  • How Bill’s religious dogma helped him understand and investigate the universe-exploring the conflict of tension and release
  • How Bill’s self-reliant care helped him to proceed in recovery
  • How Bill was able to make “big emotion” happen at his piano versus the dinner table
  • How religious traditions like to keep emotions under wraps and Bill was able to find a safe place to express them
  • How Bill’s love of music “saved him” when he encountered big issues (e.g. his chronic illness)
  • What is the difference between music therapy and music care?
  • How humans respond to sound and rhythm: why sound is so powerful
  • Bill shares an exercise on how to use music in recovery
  • How If you’re experiencing a feeling you do not want, there’s information for you there and your lizard brain has information for you that sound and rhythm are giving to you
  • Bill shares how we can use music in recovery and how it helps with the process of releasing stress, especially the stress of going through the recovery process and separating from one’s use





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