Episode 34: SMART Recovery: The ABC’s of Recovery

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Episode 34: SMART Recovery: The ABC’s of Recovery

Welcome to today’s show!


  • How hearing a sermon in a church led Peter to “wake up” and start to heal the suffering within
  • How his Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. household normalized alcohol use
  • What led Peter to get “interventioned” at work
  • Why Peter found SMART recovery early on in his recovery and how it helped him
  • What is SMART ‘s 4-point program
  • Learn a few SMART recovery tools: for example, “ABC” tool
  • How mindfulness works to challenge our automatic belief system
  • What we need to do to release our stories (our past trauma)
  • What makes SMART different is focusing on the internal locus of control
  • How Peter uses his spirituality in his recovery and focusing on possibilities instead of challenges
  • What the Oscar Wilde quote says that helps Peter get through the “heavy spaces” in recovery


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