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November 15, 2020

Quote of The Day: what will happen

Count all the times today in which you didn’t say NO but should have. Then ask yourself, what will happen if I say No? What does […]
November 1, 2020


When Election Anxiety shows up try this: ✔️Deep belly breathing ✔️Close your eyes and scan from head to toe 😌If nothing is working, ask for a […]
October 25, 2020


✔️Take a moment to settle into your body ✔️Close your eyes and scan from head to toe ✔️Recognize any physical sensations that are present 😌Label the […]
October 11, 2020


Loving-kindness is the ability to see the humanity in people we don’t know and the pain in people we find difficult. Strive to be the reason […]
August 16, 2020

Quote of The Day: The War on Drugs

The war on drugs. It’s such a doom and gloom metaphor and it’s not even really appropriate to describe it as a war. To describe it […]
August 9, 2020

Quote of The Day: home.

Your mind is your home and no one else’s. Furnish it as you wish. Set the temp so you’re comfortable. @Lin_Manuel
August 9, 2020

Quote of The Day

Step two traditionally being I came to believe in a higher power, which a lot of people don’t like that concept. I always say then forget […]
July 25, 2020

Quote of The Day

Recovery is fluid. What I mean by that is your needs change. So what you need in early recovery, for example, I needed structure, I needed […]
July 12, 2020


Nobody is you, and that is your superpower. -@calm