Life Coaching

Life coaching is just like getting a check up at the doctor's office

We will assess the important aspects of your life today, including a values inventory. We’ll explore your motivations for change and weigh decisions that are realistic and healthy for you.

Here’s what you can expect with Life Coaching:

  • Assessment of the important aspects of your life today to include a values inventory
  • Exploring options and motivation for change
  • Weighing decisions that are realistic and healthy for you
  • Designing goals that will lead to fulfillment for you
  • Formulating a plan that will use your skills

Life Cycles Counseling offers Life Coaching as a support system between coach and client.  While it can be used concurrently with therapy, it is important to note that Life Coaching does not engage in deep emotional work on your past.

As your life coach, we will work as a team through a creative process to help maximize your personal and professional potential. By evaluating relationships, current event, life trends and hurdles or bumps you’ve experienced, we will implement a strategy to create the life you envision and dream about.