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Episode 30: 5 Ways to Improve Your Intuition in Recovery: Trusting Your Gut

Welcome to today’s show! WHAT WE’LL LEARN: Learn what the definition of Intuition is  Learn about mindfulness and how this practice increases your intuition Learn to take heed of your biology every day Why journaling is so important Why following the flashes of intuition may be one of  the best decisions you can make What […]

atheistsinrecovery.com podcast episode 27

Episode 27: 5 Things to Let Go of in Recovery (Commitments and Resolutions)

Welcome to today’s show! WHAT WE’LL LEARN: Learn what is the most frequent question Adina gets asked surrounding recovery What it means to be vulnerable and what it means to violate the “Man Code” What steps you can take to start being vulnerable right now  Self-Blame and Unforgiveness. Learn to rewrite your story. How to […]

atheistsinrecovery.com podcast Star Wars: learn how to find the force in recovery

Episode 25: Transcript

Music 0:00 Welcome to the Atheists in Recovery Podcast, where we talk about finding hope in recovery And now your host, Dr. Adina Silvestri Adina Silvestri 0:24 Hello guys and welcome to Episode 25 of the atheists and recovery podcast. And today marks the end of our movies that move us series. Today we talk […]