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Let’s talk about the Spirituality Question

“I believe a big part of who we are comes from that intersection between our deepest roots of the background of our childhood.”   The podcast is nearing it’s 1 year anniversary. I am equal parts excited and exhausted! This podcast has, I feel, made me into a better therapist and has given me an […]

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Episode 51: How to Find Recovery Without A Belief in A Higher Power

Welcome to today’s show!   WHAT WE’LL LEARN:   How John’s early view of religion helped shape his identity in the world Why did John ultimately decide to conform to religious beliefs even though his family had decided religion was not a part of their worldview How John’s traumatic experience (and how he absorbed that […]

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Episode 50: Let’s talk about the Spirituality Question: Q and A with Adina

Welcome to today’s show!   WHAT WE’LL LEARN: Adina answers a question from a listener that’s probably been on many of your minds. How being vulnerable relates to recovery What does connection have to do with recovery Why Adina feels people don’t recover without addressing this question and how she uses it in her Hypnotherapy […]

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Episode 48: How to Find Faith in Recovery: Faith as A Verb

Welcome to today’s show!   WHAT WE’LL LEARN: How Teresa’s irreligious background led to her spiritual awakening in her 20’s How Teresa is building bridges to recovery for families suffering from addiction Why she views faith as a problem What is radical acceptance Why Teresa feels her recovery changed her faith What Teresa found in […]

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Episode 46: Beyond Freak Out: How to Win the Battle Against Your Inner Demons

Welcome to today’s show!   WHAT WE’LL LEARN: How to know if you’re a “fighter” in relationships A tool that Adina loves in dealing with the “freakout” during Covid-19 or at anytime How it’s important to recognize and allow the difficult feelings instead of running from them We visit with Russell and learn how he […] episode45

Episode 45: How to Increase Resilience in Recovery

Welcome to today’s show!   WHAT WE’LL LEARN: The path that led to Julie identifying as a “seeker” amidst a structured group of “spiritually wounded” individuals Jullie had a foundation of 12-step recovery but also guided her recovery in holistic ways Why it feels so hard  “like moving through mud” to access resources online Why […]