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adinasilvestri.com atheists in recovery podcast transcript

Transcript: Recovery Dharma: How to Use Buddhist Practices to Heal The Suffering of Addiction

Adina Silvestri 0:27 Hello, everyone, and welcome to Episode 14 of the Atheists in Recovery podcast. And today’s show is all about Recovery Dharma. And so I’m pretty excited to share this episode with you. I’ve been interested in this program for a while now. And today, Amy and I talk about Recovery Dharma as […]

adinasilvestri.com atheists in recovery podcast

Episode 12: 5 Ways to Find Forgiveness (as an Atheist/Agnostic)

  Welcome to today’s show!   WHAT WE’LL LEARN:   How Adina struggles with reconciling her past with forgiveness Self-Forgiveness is hard Forgiveness has many health benefits Forgiveness is a commitment to change and it is a process Forgiveness is about rewriting your grievance story How to get rid of expectations that you have for […]

adinasilvestri.com atheists in recovery podcast

Episode 5: Conceptualizing Societal Recovery And Beyond

Welcome to today’s show!   WHAT WE’LL LEARN:   What does recovery look like -and it’s not just about abstaining from drugs and alcohol  3 Pillars of Recovery (community, growth, and service) Mass Incarceration and Drug Use Policy Stigma as a barrier to accessing treatment and recovery   RESOURCES MENTIONED   Family Education Program @ […]

adinasilvestri.com atheists in recovery

Episode 4: In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts-Book Review

Welcome to today’s show! In today’s solo episode, I’m sharing a book that has stood out for me that is equal parts story telling and equal parts scientific research by Dr. Gabor Mate’. I outline 3 takeaways from the book. My hope is that we start to shatter some of our assumptions underlying Addiction and […]