LPC Supervision in Virginia

Image of a mantra for LPC residents. You too will pass the LPC licensure exam with confidence and become creative counselors.
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Looking for LPC Supervision in Richmond?

Dr. Silvestri works primarily from a strengths-based developmental model of supervision. This approach allows her to move between roles required in supervision of Teacher, Counselor, and Consultant, as they are most beneficial to the supervisee. Her goal in supervision is to help the supervisee gain greater skills, to be able to verbalize how they see problems and arrive at solutions with clients, and to develop as a more complete counselor.

As well as learning how to be a better clinician, Dr. Adina Silvestri will coach you to be a professional and smart business person. To be a successful LPC, you want a creative, well-rounded supervisor that will help you grow as a clinician, business person, and professional.

We’re into options.  While you are able to meet with Adina individually, we also offer group as a cost effective way to get your LPC hours in Virginia and beyond. Adina is passionate about the counseling field, if you would like to schedule an interview, click here.

During your interview, or at your request we will provide you with the specific model of supervision, expectations, and complete cost so that you can plan ahead and see if we’re a good fit!

*There may be a waiting list for group supervision, if you are interested in this service please contact us immediately.

Here are the Virginia Requirements for LPC Supervision in Virginia