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Quote of The Day

Recovery is fluid. What I mean by that is your needs change. So what you need in early recovery, for example, I needed structure, I needed guidelines, I needed an immediate community, I needed a program of recovery. And I found that in a 12 step program, but as I progressed, I needed less structure […]

How to Maintain Sobriety When You’re Stuck at Home

Hello friends! I made a quick video to outline a few steps you can take to remain sober when stuck at home! Comment on my You Tube channel or send me a message and let me know how you manage your cravings when stuck at home and living without your go-to recovery meetings!

image of quote of the day

Quote of the Day:forgiveness

Without forgiveness we continue to perpetuate the illusion that hate can heal our pain and the pain of others. In forgiveness we let go and find relief in our heart. -Jack Kornfield atheists in recovery

Episode 4: In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts-Book Review

Welcome to today’s show! In today’s solo episode, I’m sharing a book that has stood out for me that is equal parts story telling and equal parts scientific research by Dr. Gabor Mate’. I outline 3 takeaways from the book. My hope is that we start to shatter some of our assumptions underlying Addiction and […]