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Ask yourself: what can I do with my thoughts? You can learn to step back and listen to your thoughts mindfully. Use a light touch. Don’t take things so personally. You’ll get through this. quote of the day love beyond attachment

Quote of The Day: love beyond attachment

An invitation to love beyond attachment- You might ask, if our love is not based on attachment, what holds us together? Care, commitment, and dedication. Commitment isn’t about loving another person. True love, given freely, blesses the one you love and frees you at the same time. picture of the day the enemy of love

Picture of the day: the enemy of love.

The near enemy of love is attachment. Attachment is about fear and dependency. It says, “I will love you only if you be the way that I want.” Or, “I will love you only if you love me back.” This isn’t love. It is attachment and it is rigid. It has more to do with […]