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image of teenage girl looking down with sadness and guilt

Alone in the Crowd: Teenagers and Loneliness

-Mayah Taylor, MA In teenagers, loneliness is an emotion that is frequently experienced throughout their developing years. Many teens around the world struggle with loneliness. Loneliness can be caused by numerous reasons stemming from social awkwardness to bullying. Loneliness can pose a significant problem for teens on a mental and physical level. This loneliness, if […]

Loneliness, woman alone standing on rocks looking at the water

Loneliness: How to Make Connections Count

-Mayah Taylor, MA Loneliness can be defined as a state of solitude or being alone. Humans are social creatures. At our core our need to connect is innate. Our social connections are a key source of our happiness, mental health, and emotional health. Loneliness isn’t limited to internal circumstances such as being a natural introvert […]

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