3 Reasons Why You Should Enter The AIR Podcast Giveaway

3 Reasons Why You Should Enter The AIR Podcast Giveaway

Today, I’m dedicating a blog to my new passion, the Atheists in Recovery Podcast and subsequent giveaway. In case you have not heard, I’m starting a podcast! I hope you tune in. A mantra that comes to mind as I start my new endeavor is, I trust my intuition and inner voice. Why? This is a diversion from the practice, yes, but I hope it will be used as an adjunct to self-discovery (and therapy) for people in recovery.


3 Reasons Why You Should Enter the Podcast Giveaway:

1. You can win Free stuff! Free stuff is great! I am giving away 3 Kindle Fire tables my fav. Addiction book, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with AddictionBut you have to enter to win! 

2. Learn something new. Podcasts for me are informational, humorous at times, and easy to digest content on the go. I am inviting big thinkers in the field of addiction on the podcast. I also want to highlight the human stories of addiction. All to often, society marginalizes individuals with addiction and I want to change that. The treatment of addiction involves both science and compassion. I want to humanize people’s experiences. Addiction knows no boundaries-it affects people from all walks of life.

3. You will find inspiration + hope in recovery. We have stacks and stacks of literature on addiction but what is lacking is the stacks of literature on the science of recovery. The medical professionals are not taught to understand the neurobiology of addiction. We are lacking in our basic understanding of this disorder. I want to change the script. We have invited scientist practitioners on addiction to be guests on the podcast. And we will have guests on who will talk about their recovery story. These guests are honest and vulnerable in the hopes that you will take action and/ or take what you can and leave the rest! These individuals will discuss their daily routines and we will deconstruct their past limiting thought patterns to introduce new thought patterns you can use.

The launch of the podcast is scary, yes, but if the podcast reaches just one person, and helps them through the journey of recovery, then it is worth the risk!

The podcast goes live July 18th and you can find it here or wherever you listen to podcasts.


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