A Blogger’s Farewell: Mayah’s Last Post

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A Blogger’s Farewell: Mayah’s Last Post

Saying goodbye is always hard to do. It is with sadness that I write this final blog post. I have enjoyed for the last year and a half writing blogs aimed at helping others and sparking necessary dialogue. To give more clarity on my reason for departure, I have been afforded an exciting opportunity to work at Chippenham Hospital located here in Richmond, VA. I am excited for the chance to further hone my skills as a counselor and to be able to serve this community on a broader spectrum. I’m so grateful to the readers of our blog for allowing me a place to spread my knowledge and share what I have learned in the time I have been practicing as a Resident in Counselor. When you first begin writing a blog, you don’t think that anyone is reading or listening to what you have to say. Until you see the level of response you as the reader have shown me in this last year and a half. It is my hope that these blogs have been a helpful resource to you. And while I am filled with sadness that this is to be the last blog post from me, I am filled with joy and promise of what is yet to come. Again, I thank you for allowing me to use my voice and spread words of wisdom, hope, and knowledge.


Mayah Taylor, M.A.

Resident in Counseling

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