Adina’s Rad Podcast: Atheists in Recovery. All of Us Believe in Something

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Adina’s Rad Podcast: Atheists in Recovery. All of Us Believe in Something

None of Us Are Alone.

The belief that we are all interconnected underlies many of the processes I use to treat individuals with substance use disorder or other addictions. People are ending the cycles of addiction and entering long term recovery everyday and in many ways – outside of the traditional route of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Knowing you are not alone and have the support of others is key to having a successful recovery.

Atheists in Recovery podcast will address the spiritual and scientific belief systems of people in long term recovery in order to deconstruct limiting thought patterns, and introduce new behaviors and routines you can use.

What is Atheists in Recovery Podcast?

Atheists in Recovery will look at recovery from addiction in a new way-a gathering of provocative perspectives about the deep existential questions we all face, in an effort to bring about hope in recovery.

This podcast is about all the things people are talking about: war on drugs, Opioid crisis, and the New Jim Crow.

It’s also about what no one is talking about: alternate ways to recover besides AA and  big Pharma thriving while the government cracks down on illegal drugs.

Atheists in Recovery will take a deep dive into scientific and spiritual belief systems and it will address two BIG questions:  where do we come from? And, where are we going?

Who Is It For?

The podcast is for people in long-term recovery, or people struggling with substances, though there will be times when we talk about other addictions, since cross addiction is so common.  We will be interviewing my colleagues and friends in long-term recovery, and also thought leaders in the fields of both mental and behavioral health.

If you ever wondered, “Can I use a moderation plan or is abstinence the only answer?” Or, “Are there ways to overcome my addiction that do not involve going to 12-step meetings?” And, “What if I do not want to surrender my control to God but instead want to focus on what I can control via alternate ways?” (e.g. yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy). Then this is the show for you.

Won’t You Join Us?

Tune in here starting July 18th, for an informative, sometimes humorous, but always helpful ongoing conversation that continues to provide hope and healing.

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