Episode 13: Prescription Drugs Are No Cure for Deprivation atheists in recovery podcast transcript

Episode 13: Prescription Drugs Are No Cure for Deprivation

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  • How Ian Hamilton’s upbringing as a preacher’s kid (Dad was an Evangelical Preacher) led to him eventually becoming an Agnostic
  • How Ian Hamilton felt a “loss” in the religious community when he turned away from religion and how he feels about it now
  • How his upbringing and his training as a Psychiatric Nurse informed his decision to pursue drug addiction research and treatment
  • How Adina compares Ian Hamilton’s work to Dr. Gabor Mate’
  • Why Ian Hamilton decided to write his article in response to the UK government report in the British Medical Journal (BMJ)
  • Ian’s article focuses on: the rise in prescription drugs, the length of time people stay on these drugs, and how geographic areas are linked to the amount of drugs that are prescribed.
  • How the pharmaceutical company is not doing their due diligence
  • How do you distinguish between which symptoms are due to dependence on the pills and which are symptoms of Mental Health?
  • What are the concerns patients raised due to their experience with antidepressants
  • Why Ian feels we rely too much on randomized control studies and not the concerns voiced by the thousands of people taking the drugs
  • What we as clinicians and medical professionals can do to help our clients or patients
  • How diagnosing Mental Health is complex and related to more than just your biochemistry. It is more than your genetic predisposition
  • Why Ian feels hopeful about the future of addiction recovery





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