Episode 19: Redefining Recovery: The Addiction Memoir

atheists in recovery podcast episode 18 Redefining Recovery: The Addiction Memoir

Episode 19: Redefining Recovery: The Addiction Memoir

Welcome to today’s show!


  • How Lisa never quite bought “the story” (in Catholicism)
  • Why Lisa felt the Universe was “out to get me”
  • What it was like living in the Middle East and going through a divorce
  • How cinema influenced Lisa’s early substance use
  • How Lisa feels Addiction Memoir is like going to a well-curated meeting
  • How these books are not linear but rather a journey and the end is not neat and tidy
  • What Lisa loves about these books that have helped with her recovery
  • How storytelling formed the basis for Lisa’s recovery
  • Why Lisa feels humility (as known in recovery circles) smacks of humiliation
  • How being able to understand the self as a story was a game changer
  • What Lisa recommends as the first step to begin the addiction memoir journey


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