Episode 31: Mindfulness in Recovery

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Episode 31: Mindfulness in Recovery

Welcome to today’s show!


  • Why Robert considers himself a Christo-Buddhist
  • How Tibetan Buddhism led him down a certain path for 15 years
  • How the Dalai Lama led him towards seeing Christ as a bodhisattva
  • How we numb out the pain and shame at the risk of ever feeling happiness
  • Why Robert thinks the “what is your drug of choice” question is ridiculous
  • How to differentiate between mindfulness and meditation
  • How mindfulness trains the brain to slow it down and not react to past trauma or bodily sensations
  • Why Robert feels treating the trauma instead of the addiction is the right approach
  • Learn a few mindfulness tools for our tool box
  • How mindfulness leads to meditation
  • What does brokenness do for our life
  • The connection between mindfulness and Rumi’s poem, The Guest House
  • Why a regular mindfulness practice is so important to one’s recovery


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