Episode 32: Trauma in Recovery: tools for healing trauma

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Episode 32: Trauma in Recovery: tools for healing trauma

Welcome to today’s show!


  • Why Nicole struggled with the exclusive messages received from her Church 
  • How she developed her core spiritual belief to be more inclusive vs. exclusive
  • How little traumas can add up to a big trauma and why that matters
  • Why it’s important to incorporate spirituality into your recovery
  • What tools Nicole uses to address opening Pandora’s box in a safe way
  • Why Nicole says “feeling happy all day long” is an illusion
  • How Nicole deals with the “hamster on the wheel” thoughts
  • How writing things down affects our thoughts/feelings
  • What is a Highly Sensitive Person
  • How Nicole’s spiritual belief grounds her and dampens the nervous system
  • We end with a Jungian quote-one of Nicole and Adina’s favorites


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