Episode 38: Finding Joy in Recovery

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Episode 38: Finding Joy in Recovery


Welcome to today’s show!




  • Catherine talks about faith and religion as being a big part of her childhood in Northern Ireland but how she never felt the need to “revisit it” until recovery
  • As a self-identified Atheist, why Catherine felt she was “doing it wrong” in recovery
  • What Catherine says to individuals who criticize her lack of a higher power
  • How Catherine arrived at the decision to finally stop drinking
  • What AA has to do with Catherine’s sobriety date
  • What were Catherine’s early recovery days like and why she considered early recovery “a second job”
  • How she found her sober community online 6 years ago and what that means for us navigating our current self-isolation days
  • What recovery looks like for Catherine right now
  • How perspective surrounding recovery and emotion can look different when one has several months in.
  • What Catherine’s message is to Atheists in recovery





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