Episode 40: How to Be “Loud and Proud” in Recovery: Reducing the Stigma

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Episode 40: How to Be “Loud and Proud” in Recovery: Reducing the Stigma

Welcome to today’s show!



  • Laura talks about her upbringing abroad as a secular and cultural Jew and how that helped form her identity
  • She also talks about her underlying mental health issues growing up and felt “ostracized” in many circles which led her to start drinking
  • Laura shared that her “lack of commitment” to a healthier way of living kept her in a cycle of starting and stopping drinking
  • Laura talks about what her personalized approach to recovery looks like
  • What were Laura’s early struggles re: AA (although she will refer to it as a viable “option” in recovery)
  • What is the Sobriety Collective and how does it help people
  • Why Laura focused the Sobriety Collective on building a resource around creativity and creative people, and living in recovery, out loud
  • How Laura copes with the isolation and loneliness as a result of sheltering in place
  • What mantra’s Laura uses to cope with her mental and emotional health
  • What Laura’s message is to the A.I.R. community






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