Food and Sugar Addiction: A Message of Hope Episode 21 Food and Sugar Addiction

Food and Sugar Addiction: A Message of Hope

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  • How Dr. Tarman’s early spiritual background in the convent for mothers and children in Germany impacted her sense of self 
  • How Dr. Tarman would ask questions about God and the rituals behind it but saw the power of it both good and bad.
  • Why Dr. Tarman found it interesting that there is something very powerful about human nature seeming to need group connection and a belief in something
  • How Dr. Tarman feels about her spirituality today and how it’s ever evolving
  • Why she finds agnostics to be more spiritual than people who have the answers
  • What she finds interesting about 12 step work: The higher power of your own understanding and why that is the magic of recovery and of a good life
  • What Phil Werdell and Dr. Tarman found to backup their theory of food addiction and how clinicians turn their back on this idea
  • Why the book was meant to break the barrier of thinking about food as an addiction
  • What Dr. Tarman feels is the hardest hurdle to jump when addressing the addiction
  • How Dr. Tarman teaches Step 2 of AA in class
  • Dr. Tarman breaks down the neurobiology of addiction (adina’s fav. part)!
  • What is Insulin resistance and how Dr. Tarman compares it to addiction
  • Dr. Tarman talks about treatment and what’s next after you identify your food addiction
  • Dr. Tarman’s message of hope to people struggling with food addiction


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