Groundhog Day: Movies That Move Us Groundhog Day podcast

Groundhog Day: Movies That Move Us

Welcome to today’s show!


  • The magnificent plot:  Phil Connors (aka Bill Murray) begins by asking two strangers, “What would you do if every day was the same and you were stuck in one place and nothing you did mattered.”
  • Learn why Adina loves this movie and its relevance in the recovery space
  • Why Phil wakes up to Sonny & Cher’s alarm “I’ve Got You Babe.”
  • What is Phil’s process for figuring out what is going on and why he is stuck-he starts with the pleasure phase and then goes through a dark period
  • Things really start to change for Phil Connors once he realizes the human suffering around him
  • What Adina thinks is the most beautiful part of the movie
  • Adina shares an example from her own life on how she gets through the boredom and the mundane 
  • What Adina learned watching it now vs. when she first saw it in her teenage years
  • The questions that started this podcast and how the movie in a very real way “answers” these questions 


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