Keeping a Sober Holiday Family Celebration

Keeping a Sober Holiday Family Celebration

Keeping a Sober Holiday Family Celebration

-Mayah Taylor, MA

We all know the holidays can be a festive time of the year. A time for giving, a time for creating memories, and a time to be with family. But sometimes being with family can also present its own set of challenges especially when you are in recovery from substance abuse. You may be wondering “How am I going to get through the holidays without feeling the urge?”, so here are a few tips for keeping a sober holiday family celebration.

Plan ahead

Start by having a plan in place when spending time with your family. When attending a family gathering, it helps to have an idea of who will be there and what you may expect when you get there. Be prepared for when someone offers you a drink. Plan and know how you will respond. It also helps to have your support system ready for when you need it. In the event you become triggered or uncomfortable, you will need to have someone to call and be available when you need it.

Spending time with the family during holidays can be a lot to handle especially with the different dynamics and situations that many families have. If you begin to feel triggered, allow yourself time to step away from the situation and call someone to help you out.


Another way of keeping a sober holiday family celebration is to talk to your family. Have a conversation with family members about your recovery. Share with them your triggers and how they can help you. Come up with a plan that everyone can adhere to. If you know you there is a possibility you will be triggered while spending time with your family, be sure to set boundaries.

Discuss your needs with your family so that they can help you to avoid triggers and maintain your sobriety. Remember if you feel a family situation is becoming unsafe and unmanageable, it is OK to leave. Your sobriety, wellness, safety, and overall health is more important!

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