Life Hacks for the Newly Sober

Life Hacks for the Newly Sober

-Mayah Taylor, MA

New Year. New Challenges. For those who are in recovery from addiction, the thought of new challenges to overcome may seem daunting. You may be wondering, “How am I ever going to stay sober?” We’re here to help! The journey of sobriety is not one you have to make alone. So to assist you in creating a new and healthy lifestyle, here are helpful life hacks for the newly sober.

Life Hacks for the Newly Sober

Creating Healthy, Sober Environment

Something you’ll probably notice and discover is that it may be necessary for you to change your surroundings to help you continue to be sober. This may include changing the people you hang out with especially if they are possible triggers to relapsing, and do not provide the support you need to maintain sobriety. You may also find that changing your hangout spots may be beneficial to your sobriety. Instead of hangout spots like bars or clubs that can reintroduce you to alcohol or drugs, find new places to go to, like museums or movies. The important thing to remember is to find places to hang out and people to surround yourself with that will help you be successful in your sobriety.

How to Overcome Possible Triggers in Social Situations

Recovering from addiction is not easy. You may find that for as much as you try to provide yourself with sober environments to be in, remain aware of your triggers, sometimes the inevitable happen. For example, maybe you are invited to an event or social gathering where you find alcohol is being served which has the potential of compromising your sobriety should you give in. Having a plan and knowing how you will respond in these situations is key.

A helpful tip to remember go ahead and order yourself a nonalcoholic beverage like a shirley temple or a club soda with bitters to have in your hand. This can cut down on others at a social gathering coming up to you and tempting you with an alcoholic beverage because you will already have your own drink in your hand. If you ever feel uncomfortable in a social situation and feel like your sobriety is being challenged where you’re losing control, it is OK to leave the situation. It is also helpful to have a good support system that you can call to talk to when you are feeling like you’re losing control.


Be good to yourself. Remember to take care of yourself and your needs. Sobriety can open up new opportunities and outlook on your overall health. Make new choices for your health. This can include eating healthy, nutritious foods and adding exercise to your daily routine. Find things you enjoy to include in your daily schedule. This may also be a good time to find new hobbies to engage in which can lead to meeting new people. The choices are endless and it is all up to you, just be sure to maintain balance. Don’t overdo it!


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