March 22, 2020
image of an excerpt from how to find peace amidst uncertainty meditation

#Mindfulness Meditation

Put aside all distractions, and get comfy. Focus on “let me hold all that I care about” my self, my parents, friends…may they be safe and […]
February 8, 2020

Mindfulness Video

Listen in on a Facebook Live as we discuss: What is Mindfulness? How does it differ from Meditation? And there is even a little story time […]
September 9, 2018
cartoon of people trying unsuccessfully to meditate

Picture of the Day: been there.

cartoon by: David Sipress
April 15, 2018
How to Succeed In Life After Adderall

How to Succeed In Life After Adderall

-Mayah Taylor, MA Adderall and other stimulant drug use is constantly rising. More and more people seek out the use of these drugs whether they are […]