When A Man Loves A Woman

atheists in recovery podcast when a man loves a woman

When A Man Loves A Woman

Welcome to today’s show!


  • Episode 22 starts our December series, Movies That Move Us.
  • Learn why Adina loves this movie and its relevance in the recovery space
  • Learn what it means to be codependent 
  • The movie portrayed the subtle way drinking goes from being “fun” to more of a progressive disorder in which shame and fear are ubiquitous
  • Learn what Adina thinks is the most pivotal part of the story of Michael and Alice’s relationship and how this movie is more about the Man than the Woman
  • Discover what role Al-anon (or family education programs) plays in familial recovery
  • The final scene of the movie gives us a nice peak into alcoholism in the family 
  • Why we may need to work on ourselves apart from the person that’s keeping you stuck and how to stop that cycle
  • Identify your role in the family of addiction and how you can heal


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