Your Year: Take Inventory of Your Life

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Your Year: Take Inventory of Your Life

-Mayah Taylor, MA

Year-end is a great time to reflect on your past year and inventory your life.  As you decide what New Year’s Resolution you should make, do yourself a favor and take stock of your inventory. Reflect back on how you have spent most of your time this year and with whom. Ask yourself: “What goals did I set in the beginning of the year, and did I reach them?” Think about how satisfied you were with how the year went. Was it good or bad? Somewhere in the middle? Think about what accomplishments you had. Were there any setbacks? What did you learn about yourself from this year? If you haven’t asked yourself these questions, now is a good time to evaluate your year. If you cannot come up with all the answers to these questions, that is fine. Just answer the ones for which an answer emerges quickly. Usually, if it’s important, it will be top-of-mind. Use this time to take inventory on the things you may need to change and the things that worked for you this year that you would like to stay the same in the New Year. Read more to learn the top areas to take inventory of in your life.



Now that it is December, take a look back at all the things that you are grateful for that occurred this year. Make a list of all the things that either happened to you or you made happen. These could also be things that you became aware of for the first time and are thankful for that awareness. Included in the list can also be people or things that you are grateful are in your life.


What Worked For You This Year

What were the successes of this year? Think about the things that happened this year that made your year enjoyable, easier, and benefited you. This might be a goal you achieved like exercising more, getting more rest during the work week, or eating healthier. Highlight the good moments of the year.


What Didn’t Work This Year

While you are thinking about the successes, it is even more helpful to think about the failures of the year. Pay close attention to the negative events of the year and what didn’t work out for you this year. Particularly, pay close attention to what you learned from these failures or negative events. What did it teach you? Use these failures to support new goals and visions for the upcoming new year.


Take Inventory of Your Relationships

It’s very helpful to think of all the people in your social circle. All the people who are part of your daily life. Think about the people who have had the greatest impact on you. What have they added to your life? Are their people in your life who have brought a negative influence in your life? What relationships improved this year. Were there relationships that got worse this year? Having a healthy support system and positive people in your social circle are the foundations of a healthy, happy life. It’s important to create and maintain healthy, harmonious relationships with others in your life. If you find that you are plagued with toxic, unhealthy relationships, this may be time to reevaluate them and make the necessary changes.


Your Physical and Emotional Health

Take time to reflect on your physical health and emotional wellness. Are you healthy? If not what are some changes you’d like to make? Think about areas in which you struggle with your physical health. Create  goals for yourself and your vision for a healthier you in 2019. Take time to practice self care. What things make you happy, feel relaxed, and feel healthy. Your health and wellness is the key to living your best life and being a better you.


Real Life Application

We’ve shared with you the top areas that you should direct your focus and take inventory of. These examples are not an exhaustive list of all areas. In fact, it can be helpful to take inventory of other areas such as : Finances, Career, Sex, or Spirituality. The point is that when taking inventory, you want to look at all aspects of your life including those aspects that are the most important to you. This inventory can help you set new goals, create new vision for what you want your life to be, and give you a starting point to initiate the needed change to achieve your goals and vision. Did this self-inventory unearth at least one thing you want to do perhaps as a New Year’s resolution? Feel free to share with us below what new goal you want to set for 2019. We will cheer you on! Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays!!

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