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3 Reasons Why We Love Captain Michael Zohab 3 Reasons Why We Love Captain Michael Zohab Blog

3 Reasons Why We Love Captain Michael Zohab

3 Reasons Why We Love Captain Michael Zohab


Today, I am dedicating a blog to Captain Michael Zohab.


Several weeks have passed since Captain Michael Zohab of the Richmond Police showed up at the LCC office but I am still reminded of how much impact a collective group of people can have on each other. A mantra that comes to mind when thinking of his talk is, “You Matter. You Are Worthy.” It also reminds us that we do not have to struggle alone. Nationally, 78 people die annually of an opioid overdose. In Virginia, 3 people die every day from an overdose.


Who was at our Family Support Group?


There were several individuals at the office that night to find hope from parents of loved ones who are struggling with substance abuse to individuals who were struggling with their recovery.



3 Reasons Why We Love Captain Michael Zohab:


  1. His humility: Michael Zohab is committed to helping individuals and families who suffer from Substance Abuse. He makes himself easily accessible to people and has been known to give out his personal cell phone number (what?!) to others.
  2. His candor: He is honest about the politics surrounding the war on drugs. At the presentation, Michael shared the only reason government was willing to change their policies about the war on drugs was when “the flesh began to hit the pavement.” Yes, he is direct and we love it!
  3. His fight for the ones who have lost hope and for their families: Michael began the Virginia Recovery Foundation with the hope that he would save at least one life and when he reached that goal, he became more fierce in his fight to support those who have no one left in their corner. He is there to remove the darkness and uncover the light. When you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, it is easy to find yourself alone and without familial and/or monetary support. His expectations are realistic and he knows the treatment outcomes are not always what we would like-that is okay.




If you weren’t able to be there, but want to find out more about our substance abuse support group, and sign up for our newsletter to receive information about upcoming presentations, classes and counseling, you can reach us here.

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