5 ways to Connect with Your Therapist Online

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5 ways to Connect with Your Therapist Online

“Tele” is a Greek word meaning distance and mederi is a Latin word meaning “to heal” So it is literally healing at a distance!

Therapy doesn’t have to stop when you’re at home. There are many options today. Almost every therapist I know is conducting sessions from home during the covid-19 pandemic. If you’ve never started therapy before, you can call your insurance carrier and ask them to find a therapist in your state that accepts your insurance. If you are looking for groups, check out this list of national recovery groups here.

Your community can also be a great resource. If you’d rather not ask for yourself, you can “ask for a friend!” If you are a worker on the front line, here is a resource for free and low cost online therapy started by a couple of therapists wanting to give back.

If you decide to try virtual therapy or online support for the first time either with your current therapist, recovery coach, or with someone new, here are a few tips to get you started:


1. Schedule a session when you know you have time to yourself. Scheduling an online therapy appointment in the evening is generally easier than finding an in person session. If you work a 9-5, schedule that virtual appointment for the evening. Don’t have quiet time? Get creative. Try an almost noise proof closet, or sit in your car for extra privacy.


2.  Find a spot where you are most comfortable. If you’ve been stuck inside and sheltering in place due to Covid-19, sitting on an exercise ball or stretching while talking can increase your dopamine or “feel good” hormones and prime you for a good session.  Or, you might be the most vulnerable while laying in your bed!


3.  Don’t worry about appearances. A lot of individuals dress up to see their therapist because they have to dress up for work and therapy is part of their professional day. For virtual therapy, it is okay to dress down! Dress in clothing that is light and comfortable. Pro tip: make sure you are lit directly from the front so that your therapist can see you and your non-verbals more clearly.


4.  Avoid distractions.Set your phone to silent and close all noise making apps. This is YOUR time. Act as if you were sitting across from your therapist in the same room.


5.  Ground yourself. Right before your session, hit the yoga mat for some deep breathing or turn on your fav. Meditation app! If laughing is on the agenda, try listening to Paul Rudd in his new hilarious series, Escape from Virtual Island. It can be challenging to go from being Mom or CEO to being in a reflective, heart-centered place without the drive to the therapy office. Often, my clients tell me, “I’ve been thinking on the drive over about what I want to talk about today….” I find a good walk in between transitions or some journaling, like the app Day One, helps to ground me.


Remember, you don’t have to choose between  leaving your home and tending to your mental and emotional health. Your recovery is so worth it. Talk to your virtual therapy provider today. For more resources, check out our resource page or contact us here for virtual sessions in Richmond, VA and worldwide.


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