Anger Management With Group Therapy Will Help Lessen Your Anxiety: 3 Reasons Why


Anger Management With Group Therapy Will Help Lessen Your Anxiety: 3 Reasons Why

By, Mayah Taylor, M.A.

In both anger management and group therapy: what do people say?

The thought of group therapy can often fill people with anxiety. Why? For one thing, you are in a room with strangers encouraging you to share your anger, your feelings, and things that may be personal to you. Scary, right? Some people feel that group therapy and management is therapy where they are subject to being judged by others based on what they have shared. Is this really what group therapy is like or are these just myths fueled by our anxiety of sharing things that are personal, intimate, or sensitive with those we do not know? You may think, “can group therapy even help me?” The answer is Yes!

Why are they helpful?


  1. Anger Management as a safe haven

    Group therapy can give you a safe space to talk about sensitive and at times uncomfortable topics. According to GoodTherapy, it can give you the chance to share your story with other individuals that are going through similar experiences without fear of judgement.

  2. Support from others

    Group therapy can sometimes be intimidating to those new to it. Yes, it is true you may find yourself sitting next to complete strangers which can be scary. You may also find that the stranger next to you is not so different from you. It may even come as a surprise to you that those same strangers sitting next to you may turn into the biggest support network you have. According to MayoClinic, support groups help people cope better, which is in line with the next point.

  3. Commonality

    How would you feel if someone told you that you are not alone? How would you feel if someone showed you that you are not alone? WebMD says that these groups help people feel that they are not alone in what they are going through. Over the course of therapy, you may find that the stranger sitting next to you shares the same or similar story as you. This is a unique feature of group therapy. A group of complete strangers come together in one room and learn that they have more things in common than they think.


The work that happens in group therapy is both magical and insightful. Anger maintenance should also become easier. Everyone works together to help support one another. Everyone wants to achieve hope, healing, and wellness, which is just as effective as individual therapy. Want to learn more about our group therapy and anger managementRead this!




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