August 15, 2022

The Anatomy of Peace- a poem

I was sent this poem this week and I wanted to share it with you. I loved how funny and accurate the description of how our […]
January 16, 2022

3 Things to Remember When Cultivating A Resilience Mindset: from breakdown to breakthrough

Happy wild card playoff weekend everyone! In the midst of Winter, after the holidays have passed, it’s easy to focus on the gloominess or the mundane […]
December 30, 2021

How Alcohol Affects Your Anxiety: and how to cope with it.

What is Anxiety? What is the connection between drinking and stress? And how do you break the cycle? For anyone that has experienced chronic anxiety, you […]
September 16, 2021

Episode 113: (Encore) Recovery and The Integrated Soul

Welcome to today’s show!  WHAT WE’LL LEARN How Rob’s community wanted to thank him for his contribution to the community and invited him to meet the […]
September 2, 2021

Episode 111: (Encore) Resetting Your Recovery: rituals for healthy living

Welcome to today’s show!  WHAT WE’LL LEARN How Derek earliest memories were rooted in religion but his connectedness and place of belonging was found (and still […]
August 25, 2021

Episode 110: (Encore) Writing as A Vehicle for Truth-Telling, Healing, and Recovery

Welcome to today’s show!  WHAT WE’LL LEARN How Valley’s earliest sense of self was formed during “alot of using and instability.” Valley’s mother thought since Valley […]
July 21, 2021

Episode 105: Q & A with Adina-daily practices for vulnerability, courage, love and belonging

Welcome to today’s show! Vulnerability “Vulnerability smells like rotten eggs, feels like slimy fish, tastes like ash.” WHAT WE’LL LEARN: What is Vulnerability?  What events led […]
July 14, 2021

Episode 104: Neurosurgery and Addiction: it’s never too late to rewrite your story

Welcome to today’s show! WHAT WE’LL LEARN: Paul’s deepest roots came from living with a family of doctors that pushed him to excel at school. He […]
July 7, 2021

Episode 103: The Opposite of Addiction is Connection: 3 Ways Brainspotting Can Help Heal Addiction

Welcome to today’s show! Stories Write Often and Edit Well  -Esther Perel WHAT WE’LL LEARN: What is Brainspotting? We look at a case study with Tina […]