Episode 26: How A “Devout Atheist Jew” Found Her Higher Power

atheistsinrecovery podcast Episode 26

Episode 26: How A “Devout Atheist Jew” Found Her Higher Power

Welcome to today’s show!


  • Learn how Dorri’s first “God” or higher power was Jimi Hendrix
  • How the Nazi Holocaust is a thread throughout Dorri’s life
  • How her father’s stolen Nazi Dagger became part of Dorri’s suicide plan
  • Dorri learned about escape from a childhood game in 5th grade
  • What the book Go Ask Alice had to do with Dorri’s story
  • How art informed Dorri’s recovery after she woke up from a black out
  • Dorri would romanticize drugs and how it made her feel like she “was somebody”
  • What Dorri feels are the positive aspects of AA
  • How she rationalized her drug/alcohol use and continued to use while going to 12-step meetings
  • What she thinks about “the God within” in Buddhism
  • What she considers her “God”  to be now
  • How Dorri’s AA sponsor of 31 years has helped her through the traumatic events in her life and why she still talks to her today
  • What behavioral skill her sponsor has taught her that has helped with depression


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