Episode 28: The Holistic Approach to Recovery

atheistsinrecovery.com podcast Episode 28

Episode 28: The Holistic Approach to Recovery

Welcome to today’s show!


  • How Liv used food to deal with a difficult (traumatic) childhood 
  • What Liv says about cravings and how to view cravings as an “unmet need”
  • When and how Liv’s spiritual journey evolved 
  • What she looks for in her Spiritual leaders
  • Although not anti-AA, Liv feels we should trust ourselves and feels YOU are the best person to direct your life
  • What the prayer and meditation step is-step 11 and what Liv would add to it
  • Liv found recovery first and then her spirituality
  • How Liv’s current depressive state is a good example of holistic approach to recovery
  • How Liv’s spirituality has helped give her many things (e.g. ritual and meaning) 
  • How Liv’s writing has informed her recovery
  • The process non-writers can get started with for writing about one’s recovery journey
  • What is “AA Fragility?”
  • What Liv’s recovery looks like now


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