Episode 29: The Spiritual Malady: Filling The Void

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Episode 29: The Spiritual Malady: Filling The Void

Welcome to today’s show!


  • How Bari didn’t feel a connection to God in her religious upbringing
  • Why Bari felt this “unsettled” feeling throughout her life and how this led to her addictions
  • How she found herself living on 700 calories per day
  • What Bari’s high school health class had to do with her Bulimia
  • How Bari found her “people” in a mutual support group
  • Why eliminating Sugar, Flour, and Wheat made Bari miserable and seek alternative recovery options
  • How Bari found this “new” experience and depth when re-working the 12 steps
  • What Bari does to find this depth in the 12 steps. 
  • The questions she asks to deepen her understanding of a power greater than herself
  • What is “spiritual malady”
  • To her surprise, learn why Bari’s intellect could not apply to “fix” this problem of addiction
  • Why she feels strongly about not letting someone else read the Big Book for her
  • What Bari’s recovery looks like now 


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