How to Recover from A Thanksgiving Binge How to Recover From a Thanksgiving Binge

How to Recover from A Thanksgiving Binge

-Mayah Taylor, MA

Avoiding a food binge around Thanksgiving can be extremely difficult. The complexities of family dynamics, extensive buffets, and towering plates can all seem overwhelming. When one struggles with a binge eating disorder or even a healthy meal plan that you have been consistent with thus far, indulging in a Thanksgiving food binge can seem devastating in the aftermath. You may be thinking that you’ll never conquer your eating disorder or that you will never be able to stick to that healthy eating diet you planned. Fear not! Succumbing to that Thanksgiving feast doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, nor does it mean that you should beat yourself up over it. Instead prepare yourself for the recovery process. Continue reading as we share with you how to recover from a Thanksgiving binge.


Forgive Yourself

You are not perfect! Failure can and will happen on your journey to avoid binge eating and to stick to that healthy diet you have planned. Show yourself compassion and forgive yourself for overeating. Do not beat yourself up over it! You overate. It happened. You can’t turn back time and erase what happened. What you can do is move forward and learn from what happened.


Do Not Starve Yourself

A go-to after a binge episode is to immediately cut yourself off from food to make up for all the goodness you ate during that Thanksgiving meal. Instead get back on track with your food plan and focus on staying consistent with it after the binge episode. If you try to starve yourself, you may find that instead of compensating for all the food you ate the day before, you end up triggering another binge episode triggered from starving yourself.


Engage in Self-Care

After a binge episode you may be overwhelmed with shame and guilt. You might try finding comfort type activities to engage in to help cope after a binge episode. Examples of comfort activities could be going for a walk, hanging out with a friend or family member, or going to a movie. Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to acknowledge the unpleasant emotions you may be feeling and then do something positive for yourself to help you cope and dispel those unpleasant emotions.



Coping with a binge eating disorder is a daily struggle. One that can of itself be overwhelming. Remember to show yourself compassion, self care, and remember to not punish yourself when you overeat. You may feel that this problem is much bigger than you and find it impossible to overcome. If this sounds like you, remember that there are people you can reach out to for support. Try a support group, talk with your doctor, therapist who specializes in eating disorders, or other healthcare provider. You can even find support in trusted family and friends who understand what you are going through and can provide you with needed support. You are not alone so there is no need to isolate yourself from others who may be able to help and support you.

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