Hypnotherapy and Writing Richmond, VA

Alchemy can be defined as turning metals into gold.  We will practice this idea by transforming our inner world into creative expression.

Join me for a transformational session of the mind, body, and spirit!

Hypnotherapy + Writing = Alchemizing Your Inner World

Choose from: 

  1.  Into the fire
  2. Chronicling the first time you grew up

Session times available: 90 minutes, 120 minutes

Cost: $380, $506

Cost includes: a 15 minute follow up within 7 days of the appt.

The Journey

Preflight check in

Before the journey, we we settle into our selves with a parts work meditation to calm the mind, remove distractions, and settle on an intention for our work together.

Lift off

Hypnotherapy with Straight Regression.


This is where we will alchemize our new learning…It can be a one word memoir, the start of an autobiography, a work of fiction or a brain dump. There are no rules!

The Journey Home

I will record the hypnotherapy session with hypnotic suggestions for you to listen to at home, in the car, or at the gym. This will be your “roadmap” to a better, more restored you.

Other Mental Health Services at Life Cycles Counseling

Hypnotherapy and Writing aren’t the only services we provide in our Richmond, VA counseling practice and online worldwide.

We know life can be hard sometimes and you may be struggling with more than one issue. At Life Cycles Counseling, we have a variety of specialties to meet your needs.  We can meet you in our office in Richmond or online anywhere in Virginia. And with our Hypnotherapy, we can meet you online anywhere in the United States.  Some of our specialties include substance abuse counseling, eating disorders counseling, anxiety treatment, obsessive compulsive disorders, anger management, brainspotting therapy, and therapy for men.