All I Want for Christmas is Someone Who Understands

All I Want for Christmas is Someone Who Understands - Group Counseling Sessions at Life Cycles Counseling

All I Want for Christmas is Someone Who Understands

By: Bunny Young, MA, QMHP

In this season of giving it is nice to be surrounded by individuals with whom you feel supported. Often around the holidays we are flooded with commercials of family, friends, community, and celebration. It can lead to feelings of loneliness or solitude when you do not have access to these resources. Or maybe this year you have lost someone close to you through a break up or death. Just thinking about seeking professional counseling for these feelings can be overwhelming and expensive.

To help with this situation, Life Cycles Counseling has created group options for a variety of needs so that there is a community of support, encouragement, and motivation for your well-being. Each group is not only extremely affordable but is facilitated by knowledgeable therapists who provide meaningful and engaging activities, discussion, and feedback for group members. The greatest part of our groups (and what our group members say is most beneficial for them) is the sense of fellowship that is created within the group setting. From your very first group you will be aware that you are not alone in what you are feeling, thinking, and experiencing.

Sharing is encouraged by all members. You will have the opportunity to hear others’ stories and other members of the group with benefit from the story you share. This sharing is helpful for everyone’s journey through self-discovery, which will allow you to come away from each session energized and with a sense of purpose and direction.

The Group Mentality

If you find yourself looking for like-minded individuals who have walked in your shoes and understand your obstacles, victories, and struggles, then we highly suggest you attend one of our group sessions. Each group we offer works toward successful outcomes while also offering an affordable option so that anyone who is interested in seeking growth, awareness and camaraderie can afford to attend. We want to encourage these relationships and understanding so that no one goes through the holidays feeling alone or isolated.

You Have Options

We hope that you will consider joining one of our many group options. We currently have groups forming for Anger Management, Parenting, Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse. Also starting in 2017, we have an online support community for alumni of our Anger Management groups. The work that you will begin in these groups and the relationships that you build will continue to grow and become meaningful in this thoughtfully created and maintained community. Share your journey, find your tribe.

We look forward to seeing you in group soon. Happy holidays from the LCC team!



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