The Best of 2018 Blogs

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The Best of 2018 Blogs

2018 is almost over and I can’t believe it!  I’ve seen individuals ask for and receive support for the first time, quit a 20 plus year smoking habit, give up drinking, and face their fears-oh did my peeps face their fears! So over the top happy and proud that you committed to achieving your goals, and more importantly put yourself first, instead of last.

As a year-in-review, here are the top 10, most read articles in 2018:

1.The Challenges of Being A Freshman

Learn how to overcome some of the  challenges of being a college Freshman with these helpful tips.

2.Conversations on Mindful Eating

In the spirit of mindful eating (one of our fav. Topics) we asked a top nutritionist some of your burning questions about all things Eating Disorders.

3.How Therapy Can Destroy Your Relationships

What can therapy do for my relationships, you ask? Therapy will break up your relationships. Read more here.

4.How to Succeed in Life After Adderall

If you have previously taken Adderall and are no longer taking it, how do you cope? This is a must read!

5. What is Hypnosis.  A Treatment with A Bad Rap

Hypnosis is one of the most widely misunderstood and controversial treatments out there. Learn more about the myths and misconceptions and how it can help you in 2019!

6.Toxic people and how they ruin our recovery

Other people can wreck damage on our emotional and behavioral selves. Learn more about toxic people and how they ruin our recovery.

7. 10 Things Your LGBTQ Teen  Wants You to Know

The adolescent stage of life is often considered one of the most challenging stages. Let’s help you connect with your LGBTQ teen.

8.Feelings Are Not the Boss of Me

If you ever had the thought, “I just can’t control my emotions,” then this blog is for you!

9.How to Replace Pain with Love and Kindness

Whether it be the loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, or the loss of pet. The loss can be so painful that sometimes we find ourselves getting stuck in that pain and are not able to move forward from that pain to continue living our lives. I

10.5 Ways to Enjoy Holiday Meals When You Have An Eating Disorder

With some planning you can not only survive the holiday meals but you can be successful navigating the challenges and even enjoy yourself during the holiday season. Here are 5 strategies to help with surviving holiday meals.

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